With Hari Shiva, Inti Guru Mati Das and Julika Balprem

We invite you to a journey of discovery that touches you in the OUTSIDE and INSIDE. So close yet so far. This is Morocco, only 3.5 to 4 flight hours away from central Europe, you will end up in the middle of the exoticism of a culture that is Africa breathes, carries the Middle East and moves like Asia. The natural wonders of Atlas open up on the horizon and Sahara.
The Atlas Mountains provide rain and thus fertility and abundance. He is the border for the Sahara, the largest desert in the world. In its infinity it holds the treasure of peace and quiet.
And now you are really starting to hear! The journey to INSIDE begins.

What is breathing?
What sounds? What is singing? What speaks? Which presence likes to be in this interior his?
The Naad of the Desert Experience is part of the teaching series of the Kundalini Pirates for the Soul-Path. With this week let us immerse ourselves in the world of silence, sound and sounds. We will sound, fall into the flow of chanting in a deep touch with our soul. Perfect meditation. Just soul. High frequency. Pure vibration. Just BE. JUST BE.

Deluxe Retreat for your Soul Path
Complete teaching program of the week with the Kundalini Pirates and
Balprem Kaur
Airport transfer in Marrakesh (Pick-up and return)
Day visit Marrakesh with guided city tour nights
All meals: vegetarian-yogic, full board (vegan possible)
3-day desert adventure in the Sahara including round trip and food

Day meals in Marrakech
Flight to Marrakech and back (currently about € 150 round trip)
1x night in Marrakech
6x overnight in beautiful Ayurveda Retreat Hotel
3x overnight desert tour

We are Continuing Education Providers. This retreat qualifies as Continuing Education at the
Yoga Alliance (YACEP).

Prices per person
Single room
Early Bird: € 1.590, – / Normal: € 1.790, –
Double room
Early Bird: € 1.440,-
Normal: € 1.640,-
Early Bird: € 1.340,-
Normal: € 1.540,-

One person Price for couple in a double room
Early Bird: € 1.375, –
Normal: € 1.575, –

Early Bird until February 22, 2020
After that, normal price

Information and registration under
Kundalini Pirates
Inti: 0049 172 6865689
Hari: 0049 172 9871177
Balprem: 0043 699 18060281